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[Closed] Laws and Rules

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Welcome to the Demographic Republic of Baldstyled! As with any nation, we have our own laws that any citizen must follow. Disobeying them is grounds for punishment and, with repeated offenses, potentially liable to have you removed entirely.

1) Show respect to your fellow users, including the moderation team.
As a community and a nation, we should be kind and respectful to everyone. Basic manners should be expected, and we cannot permit actively trying to antagonise other people: that includes trying to cause arguments and acting as a general nuisance to annoy people. Always try to be polite, but don't worry about occasionally poking fun.

  • 1b) No spamming.
    This one goes without saying: there's no point to constant posting of the same thing over and over, be it as topics or replies. It only serves to annoy others, a violation of the main rule 1.
  • 1c) No inappropriate content.
    This community isn't for sharing promiscuous sexual content or excessive violence. To show them anyway would be incredibly inappropriate and disrespectful, and will be removed.

2) No commercial advertising.
We're not here to buy things. If you'd like, you can recommend opportunities you've found to others, but coming here to make a profit won't be accepted.

3) We are our own community.
We have no affiliation with any one religion or political persuasion, or anything in between. Don't come here to discuss them or your own affiliation with them. We want only to do the right thing as a community. Out-of-hand discussion of politics or sensitive issues will not be tolerated.

4) Staff word is final.
Ultimately, as the staff team, moderators have the right to make the final decision on matters. You can certainly negotiate, but what the staff decides is what goes. If the public consensus is different, just say so! We don't try to be unreasonable.

  • 4b) No backseat moderating.
    Please don't try to take moderation duties into your own hands. If you see a problem, bring it to the staff's attention. This will ensure it is handled appropriately and given a proper conclusion.


We're not a pushy sort. So long as you keep all this in mind, you can do as you like here!

Topic starter Posted : December 5, 2021 1:25 pm

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